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Healthy Transitions


Healthy Transitions is formed and presented by Michele S. Greer, PhD. My philosophy is that all families, despite their configurations, are systems. The nature of a system is that within it, all parts are affected by movement of any other part. Additionally, even though parents may divorce each other, they do not divorce their children, and, therefore, they will maintain a relationship. The new relationship to which they transition is extremely important for the long term functioning of the child or children. Healthy Transitions offers the following services:
Family Stabilization Course
This 4-hour course is designed to meet the requirements set forth in the Texas Family Code (§ 105.009).  The instructors will address the systemic needs of children whose parents are divorcing. There will be a significant focus on reducing and managing conflict, and redefining the couple relationship to a co-parent relationship. Certificates will be distributed to participants upon completion. Courses will be offered in both Lewisville and Denton, and the fee is $45 per participant. Classes are held evenings and Saturday morning. To preview the current schedule of classes click here  . Childcare is NOT available. Children are NOT allowed in the classroom.

High Conflict Divorce Program
Disruption and conflict are common during the divorce transition. However, research states that the most profound damage to children of divorcing parents is caused by exposure to continued parental conflict. Some couples need more focused intervention and guidance to navigate the emotional turmoil of divorce. Healthy Transitions offers a program to address the needs of these high conflict families. This program includes an 8-week group psycho-educational curriculum, and each couple attends 2 individualized sessions with a licensed family therapist, who is also trained in mediation. Courses will be offered in both Lewisville and Denton, and the fee is $150 per couple for each session.
Parenting Coordination
When continued parental conflict prevents productive implementation of parenting plans, sometimes a neutral professional can facilitate the process. Healthy Transitions offers parenting coordination by a licensed family therapist trained in mediation. The parenting coordinator facilitates resolution of co-parenting issues that are related or unrelated to the court orders in place. Fees for parenting coordination services are $175 per hour.
Supervised Visitation
For various reasons, a court may order supervised visitation between a parent and child. Healthy Transitions offers supervision for parent-child visits at offices in Lewisville and Denton, or agreed upon off-site locations. Fees for these services range from $50 to $150 depending on location (on-site or off-site) and personnel providing supervision (trained staff or PhD program director).