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About Our Therapists

Dr. Greer is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Family Therapy and a Master of Science in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman’s University.  Dr. Greer has worked with individuals, couples, families, adolescents, and children in casework and counseling  capacities since 1998. She has additional experience and training in hypnotherapy, mediation, parent facilitation, EMDR and family therapy. Her diversity in education, training, and direct practice enables her to work with all different age groups and issues. Dr. Greer's specialties include teenagers, young adults,  depression, anxiety, family/couple counseling, trauma and "high conflict divorces". Dr. Greer holds a strong  systemic view of working with individuals and families, believing that individuals are best understood within the contexts in which they live. She has extensive experience working with families navigating divorce and with children affected by their parents’ divorces. Additionally, Dr. Greer provides post-divorce parent facilitation, co-parenting, individual and family counseling to help families minimize conflict while adjusting to the post-divorce environment. In her research and experience, she has found that education and therapeutic intervention with high conflict families helps minimize the negative effects of divorce on all involved. Dr. Greer is currently in private practice at Greer & Associates Family Services, PLLC located in Denton, Texas. Dr. Greer is an part-time professor for the graduate mental health counseling program at Capella University. Previously, she was an assistant professor for the graduate counseling program at Texas Wesleyan University.  Dr. Greer has presented at State, National and International conferences and has several publications.


Kelbi Callaway is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  She received her undergraduate degree in Human Science at Texas Tech University and she has a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from University of North Texas. Kelbi currently works with clients of all ages and presenting issues. She specializes in relationship issues, spiritual issues, life transitions, anxiety, and enjoys working with the LGBTQ population.  Kelbi’s background includes over five years working in substance use treatment and two years working with collegiates. She is a registered yoga instructor and loves to incorporate mindfulness into counseling. Kelbi’s theoretical approach centers around Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), these approaches focus on our thoughts and beliefs regarding our concerns and use tools such as mindfulness, reframing, and disputation of beliefs to address problems. Kelbi believes that working in collaboration with clients and looking holistically at their lives can enhance the therapeutic experience and aid the client in reaching their goals. Kelbi likes to explore creative and innovative ways to solve problems and she loves incorporating her client’s  passions into the counseling process.


Hannah Grossman is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Colorado State University. Hannah continued her education at the University of North Texas where she received her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health- Counseling. While she originally hoped to enter the research aspect of the field, Hannah learned quickly that her passion was in working with clients on a daily basis. Hannah has experience working with patients struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, and trauma. Hannah specializes in EMDR services   and incorporates EMDR into her work with clients struggling with trauma and grief. Hannah assimilates Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), And Dialectical-Behavior Therapy(DBT) into her counseling philosophy. 


Carly McGuffey is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, supervised by Sherri McCarthy, LPC-S. Carly graduated with a Master of Science in Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology  from Texas A&M University-Commerce. She works with adults, couples, teens, adolescents and children specializing in anxiety and is experienced with depression, family and relationship issues, grief, major life transitions and identity issues. Carly practices from a person-centered and holistic approach. She values your individuality and tailors counseling to fit your present concerns incorporating tools to tend to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. With a holistic approach, she looks at each individual in all aspects of their life, including an emphasis on lifestyle and wellness, as mind and body affects the other. Carly likes to utilize techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness for clients struggling with anxiety and depression. Carly strives to foster empowerment and authenticity in each client to help them grow and heal. She understands that change can feel like a scary process therefore creating an empathetic, non-judgmental and warm environment is most important in helping clients feel welcome, understood, accepted and supported for change. 


Jamie Sarten is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, supervised by J. Dianne Bergere, LPC-S. Jamie graduated with a Master of Science degree in Counseling from the University of North Texas and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Texas State University. Over the past four years she has held various roles in the school setting; including college and career adviser, an English teacher, and currently a Special Services Coordinator/Counselor. She has experience teaching and working with the Special Education population, including case management, the development of individual education plans and behavior intervention plans. Jamie has experience working with adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, parent-conflict, ADD/ADHD, Autism, relationship and identity issues. She also has experience in group counseling, working with families, and adults. Jamie offers a solution-focused approach to therapy, helping clients focus on solutions to their problems and helps them set goals for themselves. In addition to solution-focused therapy, Jamie incorporates cognitive behavioral techniques that help clients develop healthy coping strategies to work through various challenges. She strives to provide a safe, warm, and collaborative environment when working with her clients.


 Mandy Barton is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Texas A&M University, and she has a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Texas. Over the last few years, Mandy has gained experience in working at a residential treatment facility for many types of addictions, both substance use-related and behavioral. She enjoys working with many types of clients, including adolescents, adults, and couples. Mandy offers a holistic and collaborative approach to counseling and specializes in anxiety, self-esteem struggles, addiction and/or substance use, self-identity, and life transitions. She incorporates a variety of techniques in session, including cognitive behavioral therapy and emotion-focused therapy. Mandy believes that her clients have the potential for growth and sometimes just need that extra push to become their authentic self.


 Laura Lewis is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, supervised by Dr. Michele Greer, PhD, LPC-S. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of North Texas, and she has a Master of Science in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman’s University. Her multicultural background influences her open mindedness towards others and increases her empathy towards those from diverse ethnic backgrounds. She is passionate about helping others and will personalize a counseling plan for you that matches your goals for therapy. Laura believes in providing unconditional positive regard to her clients. This is the ability to be nonjudgmental and accepting, to empathize and be caring, and create a safe place conducive to your healing process. Laura specializes in working with different age groups with various concerns, such as depression, anxiety, life changes, spirituality, relationship struggles, addiction, and stress. Laura utilizes skills and techniques from several theories, including Person-Centered, CBT, Emotion-Focused, as well as Child-Centered Play Therapy for children.


Alessandra Capasso is our Practice Manager. She graduated with her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Arkansas. Alessandra is currently pursuing her Master's in Counseling & Development at Texas Woman's University in order to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. In her free time, you can find Alessandra doing yoga, reading, playing with her dog, cooking, and spending quality time with her family and friends. As a natural empath, Alessandra will more than likely start a conversation with you at the office when you come in. She hopes to specialize in working with eating disorders, family issues, anxiety, depression, and addiction once she becomes licensed. 



Tristan Greer is one of our office coordinators. Tristan is currently studying psychology and computer science at UNT. He is a personable communicator and won't hesitate to start a conversation with you. However, that being said, Tristan finds pleasure in individual activities. Such as in building computers, coding software applications, playing video games, and solving three-dimensional puzzles. Once he graduates with his Bachelor's degree, Tristan will continue his studies in search of a Master's degree in Psychology. Nothing is off limits when it comes to conversation topics with this young man, so if you're curious, ask away! Tristan is a modest extroverted adventurist who has been Skydiving multiple times, cliff diving, is scuba and lifeguard certified, and occupies his free time with board sports including wakeboarding, wakesurfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding.